Skan ATM Taxi Security 
Tracking Devices + CCTV 

Skan ATM Specialize in installing and fitting CCTV for your taxi. We believe that CCTV protects taxi drivers from unruly customer behaviour in two ways. Firstly the psychological effect of knowing that all actions inside your taxi are being recorded prevents trouble from a portion of unruly customers before it even starts.  This is ideal as no doubt this has saved you unnecessary grief and hassle. Secondly, if anything untoward does occur, or you have any disputes with your customer – there is direct evidence for the police to prosecute. Make sure you’re safe. Use CCTV.

In cab CCTV takes two forms. Picture only and those that record both pictures and sound. It can be risky to interpret an incident seeing only pictures. We therefore advise that even though picture only systems are useful for recording the identities of passengers, it makes it almost impossible to tell the whole story. Using a system that records both sound and image gives a full account of how an incident started to the authorities.

CCTV not only protects the driver but also protects the customer, giving them the message that their journey will be recorded continuously.

Skan Taxi Tracking Device

What is vehicle tracking system?

Systems providing location determination and tracking of every kind of road, air and sea vehicle on the maps by signals from the satellites.

How do Vehicle Tracking System Work?

Basicly, the system works as; the location data taken from GPS satellites through the devices attached in the vehicles, is being forwarded to TETAS Connection Center with several sensor and similar data taken from vehicle, and system presents these to the users via internet.

GPS technology;

GPS, is a satellite based location determining system, that was started to be used after USA has opened their satellites to civil purposes which were before being used for military.

GPS, is used in many Professional diciplines worlwide at which systems are based on location, and there is no user cost.

GPRS technology, has made the data communication between the vehicle and the center faster in vehicle tracking and directing applications. So that, companies generate earnings by gaining time.
In vehicle tracking and directing applications, the system has decreased the processing costs many times more comparing with other technologies. With GPRS, vehicle and center is in continuous communication and pricing is made depending on the data transfer, not duration.

Transfers the data in packages so that it provides maximum security.

It has a large background with its usage all around Turkey.

Advantages of TETAŞ Vehicle Tracking System

It minimizes the communication cost because vehicle makes the data communication between the center via GPRS.

It takes away the Control Center software/hardware cost.

It tracks the company vehicles online and including past moves on internet, without a necessity of an extra software.

The system is GPS based so that vehicle locations are determined sensitively.

Assures the vehicles to be used more efficiently.

Provides tracking and planning the vehicle routes effectively.

Provides savings in fuel / staff costs.

Prevents the vehicles to be used out of purpose.

Provides time advantage in warehouse and transport points.

It provides condition determinations like speed, region, circulation duration, standby duration for vehicles.

Informs the company executive, in case of these condition requirements are not met.

Provides reports of all kinds of data about vehicles effectively.

Informs the control center instantly in possible extraordinary conditions.

Usage Areas of TETAŞ Vehicle Tracking System

Taxi Fleets (Alarm widget applications for security purpose),

Intercity passenger transportation (tourism and travel) companies,

Intercity cargo transportation and distribution companies,

Local passenger transport companies,

Local cargo transport and distribution companies,

Hot sales and distribution companies,

Car Rental companies (Rent-a-Car)

Public passenger, service and formal vehicles,

Particular companies staff vehicles,

Local service vehicles,

Automotive sector,

Bank Sector (Cash Management),

Distribution Companies,

Emergency service companies (Fireman Vehicles, Ambulance, Security, Gas Breakdown Team, etc.)

Area Support Fleets,

Armed Vehicles, Security Vehicles,

Service Vehicles (Dozer, Grader, Digger, Ready Concrete Trucks, Trash Trucks)

General Features of TETAŞ Vehicle Tracking System

Location Data: Provides detailed location data depending on the vehicle’s record in the system in city detail (city, town, district, village, street, avenue) or in highway general detail (city, town, government-city-village highways, town and village centers). Through the detailed location data, provides to know the location of the vehicle certainly and without a mistake. Provides many advantages in decreasing the costs of the security of the vehicle, security of the passengers and driving.

Location Report: Gives information to the user in certain periods, about where and at what times the vehicle locates. It gives opportunity to detect the vehicle not only online but also by hour, daily, weekly, monthly or determined elastic time periods. It gives location data continuously and regularly by report system. So that you will be able to detect the vehicle if it moves by meeting the requirements or not.
Distance Report: Calculates the distance made by vehicle in certain time periods, by fault in meters, and informs the user. Provides that you will be informed about the distance made by your vehicle in elastic time periods determined by you. So that you will be informed about the costs of fuel, periodic maintenance etc. of the vehicle in a time period determined by you. Also, you will be able to know if the vehicle made a different route from you planned.

Speed Report and Warning: Warns the user in case of the vehicle exceeds the determined speed limits. Similarly, in case of exceeding the average speed or getting lower than average, it sends warning signal again. Also reports of these conditions can be taken from the system. Standby conditions (speed : 0) will be also taken as a report. Especially when taking care of security of the passenger or cargo in the vehicle, then the exceeding the speed limits gets more importance. Knowing the exceeding speed limit locations and warning the drivers about this, will prevent the possible accidents.