The Brand New Mirror Taxi Meter Technology From Tetas Electronics

Your Rearview mirror is now your taximeter! Awesome suprise features and extortion preventing features that no other taxi meter has. These taxi meters have automatic roof sign control, driver control with password and assembly features that are compatible with any and every taxi.

This sleek mirror taxi meter from Tetas Electronics is the fastest selling taxi meter in Europe at the moment. That comes as no suprise to us here at Skan ATM. The meter looks utterly professional and comes with the smallest terminal printer on the market. It really is an absolute must for any taxi driver.


Soon To Launch – The New Tetas A2!

Comes complete with a 1 Year Guarantee

Records speeds under 12km as stand by

Doesn’t get effected from cell phones

Compatible with all radio systems

Ergonomic Design

Automatic Night/Day Tarrifs

This taxi meter is one of the smallest on the market and can come with or without the smallest terminal printer on the market.

The A2 taxi Meter fully conforms to EC And CE specifications.


The Tetas TP1 Thermal Receipt Printer

The TP1 Thermal Printer is the first in a new line of revolutionary intelligent printers offering high end features rarely found in a printer of this size. With its compact design and easy drop-in-paper loading this printer is a convenient and low maintenance printing solution – both for high speed and lightweight use.

The Taxitronic TX40 Taxi Meter

Taxitronic brings to market the new TAXIMETER TX40, which joins design, innovation with the guarantee of the service of TAXITRONIC.

The taximeter TX40 is a taxi meter with a small size and the most advanced technology with a big contrast which is perfectly suitable on any taxi thanks to its aesthetic.

This taxi meter has a variety of functions such as its ability to complete up to 32 totally independent tarrifs.

You can save up to 10 seperate shifts with the information of all of the services you have provided using the taxi meter. Timetable control is available and the taxi meter is compatible with the new Smart TD for smartphones and tablets developed by Taxitronic.

The Programmable Cockpit-Taximeter 1150

Complex tariffs can be programmed – Automatic change of tariff rates of distance, time, speeds and amount.

Pre-programming of tariff

42 counters for comprehensive information

Installation in DIN-ISO radio compartment or any other place

Appealing day and night time design

7-segment LCD with green, blue, red or white background illumination

The Taxi Meter 1155

High luminance, intensive filtering and automatic brightness control ensure excellent readability day or night

7-segment LED, optionally green/red

Optionally in metallic or anthracite

Complex tariffs can be programmed – automatic change of tariff rates by distance, time, speed and amounts

Can be configured for systems through numerous interfaces

Driver identification and data forwarding by means of DATA-KEYFleet owner data protected by password

Optional installation in DIN/ISO radio compartment or any other place

Download further product information:


The Taxi Meter T21

Easy handling and self-explanatory menus

Day/night mode, many colours for choice.

DIN-size installation in addition to horizontal or vertical mounting option.

Very low quiescent current (< 0,5 mA).

Flexible and easy upgrading to a convenient accounting system for drivers, companies and customers via KIENZLE-Stick.

Options for your demand:

Printer integrated (T21P) or external (P21) or without printer.

Cashless payment CCV TAXI in cooperation with CCV.

Connection to taxi center possible for order despatch or takeover of taxi relevant data.

Connection to taxi accountancy programs.

KIENZLE-Stick-System with contact tip on the taxi meter.

Image of taximeter T21