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Skan ATM are trusted by hundreds of taxi drivers to service their taxi’s regularly. Your taxi is your livelihood, and regular servicing helps ensure your most valuable asset avoids potential or unexpected breakdowns. Realistically you should have your taxi serviced every 12 months. Following this practice makes sure that all of the necessary operational aspects of your taxi’s engine, such as the oil, engine fluids and filters are replaced. Equally importantly, regular servicing of your taxi will save you money on fuel. Regularly servicing your taxi properly can save you up to 4% on your fuel bills. (Source:

Is Your Taxi Due For Inspection?

We’ll give your taxi the full once over to make sure you pass first time. Save time and money!

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Skan ATM  believe that a full taxi service should be exactly that. A Full service.  If you choose to get your taxi serviced with Skan ATM then we carry out a full 35 point check. This thorough examination of your vehicle enables us to advise you of the exact condition of your vehicle, and to advise you of any potential work that your taxi may require in the near future. To book your taxi servicing simply contact us on 01 830 9000 and book in your appointment. You can even have a tea/coffee in our reception area while you wait.

Our 35 Point Check

Exterior / Interior Light Check
Seat belt check
Doors & Hinges Oiled
Wiper blades & Operation Checked
Windscreen Washer Fluid Refilled & Checked
Check & Top Up Power Steering Fluid
Break & Clutch Fluid Checked
Coolant / Antrifreeze Level Checked
Battery Checked
Tyres Checked For Uneven Wear
Check tyre tread depths/condition (incl spare)
Check and reset tyre pressures
Rotate and balance wheels, reset wheel torques
Check steering, suspension
Check ball joints, links, wishbones, bushes etc.
Reset service light
Run engine diagnostic test and file copy of the report
Timing Belt needs replacing

Check front brake pads and discs
Check rear brake pads and discs
Check rear brake shoes cylinders and drums
Check shock absorber condition and wear
Check drive-shaft and joints/gaiters
Check brake lines and hose for leaks and wear
Replace air filter
Check engine and gearbox for oil leaks
Replace engine oil filter
Replace engine oil
Check gearbox and axle oil levels
Inspect the exhaust system condition (incl mountings)
Adjust handbrake travel
Check and adjust all auxiliary drive belts
Replace spark plugs
Replace diesel fuel filter
Check cooling system for leaks and operation